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The Value of Collaboration, from Development to Practice

It is our pleasure to invite you to follow our progress in developing and founding our school!  THE STEAM SCHOOL Executive Board of Founding Directors places great value upon collaborative efforts, as we operate under the philosophy that all benefit when our thoughts are merged, when our expertise, insights and experiences serve to influence our decisions and greatly enhance what we strive to produce.  STEAM students will be collaborative learners, as not only do we know of the extensive benefits in such learning experiences, but also the professional world professes to seek after “team players,” as they too have found that when great minds come together, great accomplishments are achieved.  Your feedback is valuable to us, so in the spirit of true collaboration, do leave your insightful comments for our consideration and reflection.  Thank you for your interest in our school!  We’d love for you to contact us should you have an interest in playing a greater part in this exciting process.  We’d be grateful if you would check in on us from time to time.  Share in our excitements, our frustrations, our stumbling blocks, and celebrate with us as we pass milestones and achieve our triumphs in this long and inspiring journey of creating for your children and for future generations, an enriching, innovative, enthralling place of learning, growth, achievement and lasting memories.