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February 16, 2012


by Heidi Zeigler Twitchell

THE STEAM TEAM, an international collaboration of educators, researchers, artists, scientists, and other valued individuals sharing our vision are developing a revolutionary, global education model for education.  We’re devoted to our vision of producing and packaging our curriculum and proven instructional methods in a manner that will provide free, online access to innovative and progressive K-12 education to educators and families worldwide.

Through our “Schools That Work” model curriculum of integrated fine arts and technology, project based, collaborative learning, international student peer relations and unique focus on service oriented living, THE STEAM ACADEMY will foster student expression, social and emotional health and cultivate creativity, ingenuity and global awareness.  Each student will grow tremendously as we deliver enriched, individualized and engaging instruction of the national core curriculum while paying special attention to the skills students will need to become successful and fulfilled adults of the 21st century.

Students will graduate having immovable, strong moral character, cultural perspective, unparalleled social strength, humility and confidence as they enter the world having achieved excellence in academics, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, critical thinking and engaged social responsibility.

We’re working to create a place of learning that is a reflection of the world at large- a microcosm of what life will bring and how it will come, so as to best prepare our resourceful and proactive future leaders.

Because of our shared belief that the visual and performing arts are vital to the effective, thorough education of any student, THE STEAM TEAM is also dedicated to the implementation of comprehensive fine arts education in the United States and abroad.  In collaboration with accomplished, talented visual and performing artists, we’ve created United Artists Foundation.  The current initiatives of United Artists Foundation involve supplementing existing schools in the United States with enriching arts education experiences.  We’re also looking forward to collaborating with international organizations and educational entities so as to support any and all efforts to integrate and infuse the arts into the instruction of students worldwide.


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