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THE STEAM ACADEMY  evolved into a revolutionary model for education and was created in collaboration with educators, researchers, scientists and artists.  Currently, our team is developing online materials that will enable the instructional model and related learning resources to be accessed worldwide, in any educational setting.

Our team is dedicated to cultivating future generations of citizens prepared to solve global crises. Through international, collaborative projects, students address issues of personal interest.  From preventative medicine to environmental preservation, students learn a plethora of life skills by tackling problems with their service and facilitated social innovation.

At the heart of The Steam Academy is the full infusion of the visual and performing arts, innovative technology integration and a strategic focus on STEM learning. Of equal significance to our model is the skill development and facilitation of knowledge and perspective in the social studies, language arts and humanities.  The model offers a wealth of choices and opportunities for students to cultivate their talents and to creatively express their passions. All genres of music, dance, drama and visual arts augment the instructional methods of both required supplemental curricular studies.

Students engage in project-based, collaborative, experiential learning. Such strategies are implemented “through and by” the fine arts and with the strategic, integral use of advanced digital technologies.

The Steam Academy is dedicated also to the advancement of clean technologies and the innovation of better models for infrastructure, clean water and alternative energy.

Model Schools:

Khan Academy (Salman Khan)
Big Picture Learning (Dennis Littky)
Institute for Humane Education (Zoe Weil)
San Francisco Academy of Arts and Sciences

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