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Artists Supporting the Arts in Public Schools, a Facebook advocacy page started by a member of THE STEAM TEAM, catalyzed the development of United Artists Foundation.  Together with musicians, dancers, actors, filmmakers, visual artists – ALL artists, we’re pooling our creative resources, generating necessary funding via large-scale, collaborative, creative, artistic projects, in order to bring tremendously enriching fine arts education experiences to children in schools across the country.

The first of many of our initiatives is the re-hiring of art specialists and recruitment and hiring of teaching artists.  The primary services we’re providing for schools are intensive, two-week “artist in residencies.”  We also work with advocacy groups, focusing our energy and resources in our efforts to reinstate in public schools the teaching positions of full time arts education specialists.  Training professional artists to become teaching artists, enabling us to employ them for public school workshops and artist in residencies is also among our organizational objectives.  We’re proud to announce that our work also involves hiring highly qualified classroom teaching assistants to enhance the efficacy of our children’s education.

Our vision is to conquer two pervading and seemingly perpetual cultural crises- that of the questionable nature of the fine arts being an essential component of a comprehensive, highly effective education and also of the need for our fine artists to be employed and to be properly recognized as contributors to our cultural progression.

The fine arts play an essential role in education. Due to the circumstances of public education policy and the prioritization of funding, most students across the United States and abroad are not receiving the education that is deserved.

Gaping holes exist in our public schools with regards to comprehensive and enriching fine arts programs. In most classrooms, the visual and performing arts are not being integrated into instruction of the core curriculum, nor are they being directly taught well, if they are taught at all.

Furthermore, multicultural fine arts are severely under appreciated in our current society. Visual and performing artists of all genres tend to suffer financially, unless of course they are of the rare group that happens to find great success in doing that which is their passion. Achieving stability in an arts related field has even become very difficult. Now more than ever before, fine artists are constantly in search of income from jobs relating their talents.

Artists choosing to become involved in our organization will benefit from such strategic marketing strategies as an international forum where artists can promote and sell their artwork / project pitches / completed projects, etc.

We are a highly collaborative organization and we invite strategic partnerships and alliances with other non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals. There is power, success and fulfillment to be found when we align and creatively develop programs and strategies. We therefore we are always aiming to find logical and mutually beneficial relationships.

There are so many ways that you can help us in our efforts in bringing the visual and performing arts into schools NOW.  For more information on how to support this important work, please email:

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